We began creating award-winning jewellery in the early 1960s when brothers Massimo and Dino Giannetti left their family’s traditional Italian jewellery store in Woodbridge, Ontario with their eyes set on Toronto’s small but growing downtown core. Inspired by the old world workshops of Italy and fuelled by the youthful rebellion of a generation that for the first time was determined to do things their own way – 18Karat was born. A shop that focused on designing and creating 18 karat gold jewellery in-house at a time when custom jewellery meant ordering settings from a catalogue in 10k or 14k. A shop in which opening the door meant walking into an artist studio, where the sounds and smells of a goldsmith at work were as equally on display as the jewellery behind glass cases. A lot has changed in the decades since we first opened our doors - growing, evolving and adapting to an increasingly dynamic world, we stay true to the handful of hard-won principles that are only earned through experience. Our passion for what we do can go without saying – every piece we create is a labour of love, and that rarely means taking the easiest or fastest approach. Our greatest strength comes from the confidence we have in our abilities – we believe we are the best at what we do, and that is a title we strive to earn every day in both the quality of our work and the service we offer. Just as we did in 1961, we are determined to continue down a path that has yet to exist: one that we create ourselves.

Dino GiannettiDINO GIANNETTI Co-Owner & Master Goldsmith Equal parts artist, engineer and magician, Dino possesses an innate understanding of how metal reacts, guiding the flow of solder as easily as one would lead a partner in dance. Every project is a puzzle in need of solving and for Dino, the best challenges are those that have been called impossible elsewhere.

Massimo GiannettiMASSIMO GIANNETTI Co-Owner & Director The brains and sometimes the brawn, Massimo has propelled 18Karat onward, through both the good times and the bad, since first opening our doors all those years ago. Obssessive over details, Massimo keeps 18Karat a finely tuned instrument.


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