NOVEMBER 6 2018 - FEBRUARY 28 2019

Our state of being is one in eternal flux, transforming like the seasons from one state into another. A transition that always seeks balance, an ending for every new beginning - our perpetual state of transition is what drives our evolution, it is what inspires every new creation. What forever remains constant, is that change is inevitable.

Featuring Artists:
Lynn Légaré, Montreal, QC
Petra Luz, Montreal, QC
Caroline Rivière, Longueuil, QC

This month we are featuring Petra Luz and her work. Visit ARTIST OF THE MONTH to read her full interview.



MARCH 5 - MAY 31, 2019

Featuring Artists:
Micah Adams, Toronto, ON
Christine Dwane, Brossard, QC
Lawrence Woodford, Ashcroft, BC

Georgian College - Goldsmithing Graduate Exhibition 2019

June 4 - June 15, 2019

18Karat Studio + Gallery presents Georgian College's Goldsmithing Gradate Exhibition 2019.



JULY 4 - OCTOBER 31, 2018

BIOPHILIA : Expressions in Metal is an exhibition that explores the ways in which humans seek connections to the living world - drawn to its organic forms and structures as well as the inherent vitality in nature. Featuring three Canadian jewellers and goldsmiths, this exhibition explores how our bodies experience the organic world around us through three very different lenses: form, flora & fauna.

Featuring Artists:
Dominique Audette, Quebec City, QC
Scaro Jewellery by Caroline Arbour, Amos, QC
Métal en bouche by Claudia Gravel, Montreal, QC

STUDIO 9 - Goldsmithing Graduate Exhibition 2018

June 12 - 30, 2018

18Karat Studio + Gallery presents Georgian College's "Studio 9" Goldsmithing Gradate Exhibition 2018.

This exhibition will display work from 9 graduating students:
Cole Armitage
Caitlin Boeyenga
Lulu Guo
Valerii Kozhevnikov
Wenxin Li
Stephanie Odell
Erika Pearce
Natascha Toth-Stacey
Emily Won.

During their time studying in Barrie, Ontario, the students are challenged to develop their skills in the fine craft of goldsmithing. They are encouraged to grow and explore, emerging as artisans with a body of work that represents their journey and discoveries.

This June, come join us and celebrate the fruitful work of this year's graduating class.

The 2016 Great White North Exhibition : IN FLUX

November 01 - December 17, 2016

18Karat Studio + Gallery presents it's annual national exhibition, The Great White North Exhibition, on display at the following venues.

INNOVATION - Celebrating the Metal Arts Guild of Canada's 70th Anniversary

May 05 - June 02, 2016

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