Prized possessions, new or inherited? We offer a professional and thorough appraisal service in partnership with one of Canada's top independent gemmological laboratories - ideal when looking to insure your jewellery.

An appraisal outlines to your insurance company how much it would cost to replace your item. It gives you peace of mind that your item is adequately insured and matches the bill of goods you were sold.

Probate appraisals are also available. These appraisals are used to determine the value of an estate.

Why choose an Independent Appraiser?

Many jewellers offer an in-house appraisal service; however it is hard to discount the vested interest a business would have in evaluating their own work.

By using an independent laboratory you can have confidence in the objective opinion required for appraisal, uncoloured by the concerns of buying and selling.

A qualified appraiser operates in the same environment as a scientist in a controlled environment or lab: lighting is tightly controlled and equipment carefully calibrated for the express purpose of appraising jewellery and gemstones. A jewellery store does not have this controlled environment.

It is for this reason that we do not offer same-day, or while-you-wait appraisal services - most appraisals take approximately 5 business days to complete.

What makes a good appraisal?

Although most appraisals are used for insurance purposes, the most important aspect of an appraisal is not the final or replacement value, but a thorough description of the item.

A description should include a description of the metal from which the item is made, the shape it takes, and the content. The appraisal should state any limiting conditions - including if the stones of an item were examined while in a ring, or if the diamond was evaluated before it was set. A photo is no subsititution for a good description.

As precious metal and stone prices are ever-fluctuating, it is important to have your jewellery updated every 3 - 5 years to ensure your insurance coverage is current.
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